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Fulvic 0.5L



Ultra-pure, 100% natural bio-stimulator

The biggest boost you can give your plants after nutrients is a high quality Fulvic acid, and Fulvic is the best in the world



Soluble Humates contain a myriad of natural plant growth promoting compounds plus nutrient enhancing ingredients. Of these, Fulvic acid acids are the substances that do the real heavy lifting by making minerals more easily absorbed by plants, making nutrients more effective.

We analysed and tested many different Leonardite sources from around the world to give our proprietary, pH balanced, Fulvic acid the maximum agronomic benefits to deliver:

  • Better root development
  • earlier harvests
  • healthier, disease resistant plants
  • enhanced quality of flavour and fragrance
  • increased essential oil production
  • significantly higher yields. 

No matter what concentration a product claims, it's the quality and composition of the Fulvic acid that counts - and this is why Fulvic outperforms the competition.

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