Araponics is an hydroponic growing system initially designed for Arabidopsis thaliana and now successfully tested with other model species. We also distribute General Hydroponics Europe growing systems and fertilisers to help  researchers to find the right growing system for the right species or applications.

  • Designed for the Lab The 1.8L box fits any growing facility.

The Araponics System

The Araponics system is composed of 3 original parts that brings the power of hydroponics to the plant science community :


The 1.8-L containing box can fit to any growing facilities. The containers can be inter-connected to construct up-scalable networks. See our user guide to know how to create a network.


Depending on your application, 2 different supports can be used: a low-density (up to 18 plants) and a high-density (up to 35 plants) support.  


Seed-holders are small pieces which have to be filled with agar. Seeds are easily sown and germinate safely. See our user guide to know how to fill the seed holder with agar gel.

They trust us…

More than 60 papers are citing Araponics !